Accidental Insurance


You’re re-roofing your home. You know you have to be careful this high up, but somehow you slipped on the shingles and now you’re in the emergency room with a broken arm. The doctor asks if you have insurance. You do, but you wonder how much your plan will pay for medical costs.

The doctor asks if you have accident insurance. You do.

Now instead of worrying about what your plan pays, you can focus on getting better.

With accident insurance, you don’t worry about covering unexpected medical costs because your supplemental insurance will help fill in the gaps of your health plan coverage.

The Accident Insurance Plans that David offers will pay you CA$H when your injured and require medical treatment.
There are many different plan levels to cover you, and your family.
You decide which fits you and your family best.

We carry plans from:
~ Blue Cross Blue Shield Life Secure
~ Golden Rule


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