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Looking for Group Health Insurance?

As a business owner, you know it’s important to keep your employees healthy and content. By providing them with a group health insurance package as a part of your employee benefits plan, you will have that peace of mind knowing your employees are happy while retaining them longer. We provide insurance to members of a formal group such as employees of a firm or members of an association. Because every group is different, we take the time to find the right plan for your group and provide you with group health insurance quotes to fit your need. We offer:

~ The Best Health Insurance rates in the State of Michigan with as many or more benefits.

~ We can provide quotes, with another major carrier, that will be lower than your currant rate, without sacrificing benefits.

~ Keep you with the same carrier and we get more insurance – First dollar coverage for less.

~ Gain a 20% to 50% savings over your current carrier with a local representative who will provide superior service.

~ Work with us to give you the quality and individual attention you deserve.

For a quote we need:

1. Number of employees you currently insure?

2. Number of spouses and children you insure

3. Ages of all insured?

4. Current Deductible?

5. Doctor office visits included? copays?

6. Drug Card plan included? 10/15/25 or ?

7. Your current insurance carrier?

7. Total $ amount you currently pay monthly for all above? (Not mandatory)


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