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If you want personalized attention for your health insurance needs, you have come to the right source.  David Hutchins  represents all the major insurers for individual/family coverage and can help you design a health care coverage program that  truly meets your needs
and budgets. Get a free comparison of health insurance rates on new coverage or your existing policy.

Individual and Family Health Plans: I specialize in Individual/Family Health Insurance and sell only the most competitive carriers that I find to be the best for you and your family.

Group Health Insurance: We offer some of the best group rates in the State of Michigan.

Dental Insurance: Can offer you Dental plans through either my current top carriers or a rider plan to go with your current Health insurance program.

Life Insurance: We are all hesitant to pay another bill per month or once a year but it will bring you peace of mind for your family should anything happen to you.

Accidental Insurance: If you get sick or injured and cannot work your health insurance will pay the doctors and pharmacy, but who will pay you? Ask us about our Accidental insurance to provide cash to pay your bills when you can’t work.

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